Google Search Ads

Why Google Search Ads?

Google Search Ads is one of the most effective ways of advertising as users are visiting your website based on intention and in our opinion everyone business should include Search Ads in their Online Strategy. 

 At ClockWork Digital, Google Search is kind of our Superpower! Here’s what you can expect from us : 

  • In depth keyword research.
  • Digital Strategy including campaign breakdown based on keywords volume. 
  • Proper Campaign Implementation. 
  • Campaign Improvements alongside with Google Representatives. 
  • Weekly and Monthly Reporting.
  • Dedicated Account Manager to help communication and resolve issues. 

What's More?

Google Ads Scripts

Google Ads Scripts can help you outsmart your competitors by automating time consuming procedures and provide a programmatic way to control your ads. The only problem with Google Ads Scripts is to find an agency who have the knowledge to implement them... well, you can count on us!

Google Shopping

If you have an e-Commerce website and would like to increase your sales, then Google Shopping is where you should probably start from. We can help you set up your campaigns and get started in no time!

Dynamic Remarketing

Want to make sure that users who have visited your website are not finishing their Buyer's Journey on a Competitor's website? Dynamic Remarketing is what you should be doing!

App Installs

If you have a mobile Application or a Game and want to increase the number of installations, we can definitely help you do it! App Install campaigns can be optimised for both Quantity and Quality and we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals!

Want to know more?

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