Paid Social Media Management

Why Paid Social Advertising?

Did you know that 9 out of 10 businesses advertise their products or services on Social Media? Or did you know that there are more than 3 billion active Social Media users worldwide? The stats can go on and on making it clear that if your business is not active on Social Media then you are probably losing opportunities.  

 At ClockWork Digital, we can : 

  • Help and advice you on the creation of your visuals.
  • Create a Digital Strategy based on what you want to achieve on Social Media.
  • Create and Manage your Paid Social Campaigns.


Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Platform in the right hands can be a very powerful weapon for your Digital Marketing Strategy. Whatever your objective is, we can help you build the right campaign and get the best possible results.

Instagram Advertising

When it comes to brand awareness, Instagram is definitely the right place to be. However, our highly skilled team can help you leverage the power of Instagram on Traffic and Conversion campaigns as well!

Twitter Advertising

If your audience hangs on Twitter there's no need to worry, we can undertake Twitter Advertising as well! From campaign creation, targeting and execution we've got you covered.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is a great advertising platform, mainly for B2B business, but there are no barriers when it comes to advertising!

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