Reporting and Analytics

Why Reporting is Important?

If you are spending money on Digital Marketing and you have no idea what results you are receiving then don’t expect to improve your online presence and of course to improve the performance of your campaigns. Reporting is extremely important and if your agency is not offering you transparency and clarity then you should start questioning.

 At ClockWork Digital, we can : 

  • Create live dashboards in order to offer full transparency and live updates.
  • Work on a reporting style that our clients understand.
  • Offer Weekly and Monthly reports on your online campaigns.

How we Report.

Live Dashboards

We have the ability to create live dashboards for your Online Campaigns and make it easier than ever to check your results in real time.

Performance Reports

We offer performance Reports on weekly and monthly basis, including results, key findings and next steps to improve the overall performance of your campaigns.

Just Call Us

We love to talk with our clients through the phone! Whenever, you are in doubt or want to ask about your campaigns performance, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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